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Sometimes I pick stuff off Jack's review shelves based solely on the band's name or the album title. It's not a high-percentage move, but this time it paid off. MZ. PAKMAN plays '76 flavored, lo-fi punk-11 songs in 20-and-a-half minutes- with, often, the sort of humor the title suggests. "Rock and Roll Rat", "Skankville", "Psycho Kitty", and "Maneaters (get off the road)" are representative song titles, and "Barnyard Animals" starts with an "Old McDonald" quote. "XxXy" is an amusingly straightforward love song, "Mz. Pakman" is an amusingly straightforward theme song, "Gimme Something Good" is an amusingly straightforward Ramones sound-a-like. They call their music "playful chaos" and that's about right.

- Steve Holtje for THE BIG TAKEOVER issue 49

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